Why Bhutan Holiday Tour and Travel Packages is good for you?

If you are looking for a unique once in a lifetime holiday experience, significantly different from the usual fare, choose Bhutan as your next destination.

This ancient kingdom, shrouded in mystery, is a land of myth and legend, of kings and queens and dragons, of pristine dense forests, fortresses and prayer flags.

Hidden in the folds of the Eastern Himalayas and wedged between the two most populous countries in the world, India and China, Bhutan remained geographically isolated for centuries.

It opened up to modern development only in the 1960s when it began building its first roads, hospitals and schools.

The first tourist arrived in 1974. It sees around 50,000 visitors a year and is emerging as one of the most exclusive holiday destinations in the world.

Today, after five decades of planned development this tiny Himalayan nation is undergoing rapid social, economic and political transformation. But the Bhutanese are extremely proud of their ancient past and fiercely protect it, even as they embrace modernity.

Centuries of isolation and deeply held spiritual beliefs drawn from Buddhism have ensured that a distinct ancient Buddhist culture continues to flourish and its natural environment is pristine and protected.

Bhutan’s rich Buddhist culture and its well-preserved natural environment are the key reasons for its popularity as a travel destination.

Bhutan’s vibrant culture can be seen in its refined architecture, best exemplified by the ancient fortresses and monasteries, colorful religious festivals, in the national dress worn to school, office and formal settings and in food and traditional sports.

Two-thirds of the country are under forest cover and more than half the landmass designated as parks and protected areas. This has ensured an amazing diversity of flora and fauna that can be found only in a few locations on the globe. This pristine environment is home to more than 200 species of mammals including the snow leopard, royal Bengal tiger, blue sheep and one-horned rhinoceros. The number of bird species number more than 700 and include the rare and endangered such as the White Bellied Heron and the Black-Necked Cranes that migrate to Bhutan from the Tibetan Plateau in winter.

Some Beautiful Scenes of Bhutan Holiday Tour

Bhutan’s natural beauty makes it a natural paradise and an ideal destination for trekking and hiking for more details about trekking in Bhutan click here, with the trails going through the countryside, forests and to the base of unclimbed mountain peaks. In fact, Bhutan is home to some of the highest unclimbed mountain peaks in the world, check bokar Inc. website in bhutan.

Whether you want to experience an ancient culture or trek to the mountains through pristine forests or raft snow-fed rivers or bike through dirt trails going to the mountaintops Bhutan has it all.