Top 5 Google Apps You Need For Your Trip

In the old days, planning a trip or knowing the precise references about your destination was not, therefore, so easy, right?

It took a map and some good tricks to catch it all quickly.

However, nowadays, the script is different: there are several platforms that help any passenger – from the most experienced to the first-time – with tips on where to go and eat, for example.

And one of the pioneering companies in these guides is, of course, Google! The organization is not only the largest search portal in the world, but also an institution that develops several applications that can help – and much – the life of a traveler.

There are still more, some tools offer the best of both worlds: they can be used offline, in other words, you do not have to rush to establishments that offer free wi-fi to get the information you need.

In the end, smartphone applications have become the faithful companion of many travelers around the world, do you agree? With that in mind, we separate tips from five programs that can save the trip of many tourists, check it out!

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1. Now a Tap

Now a Tap called “Now a Tap” in Bhutan is to position the camera of your smartphone or tablet in front of a tourist monument, to centralize it and to press the hold button (central button of the cellphone or tablet) and to hold for a few seconds. The system will scan the image and bring the main information of the place – who built it, when, where, where, its history, among other information.

This option is only available to those with internet access. In addition to saving your hands when typing your search, it also allows you to see the search results page without having to switch applications, which helps with productivity.

Now a Tap is not just about images. The feature can be used for songs that are playing on your device or for images that are on your phone or tablet screen.

2. Google Voice

Open the application or the toolbar at the top of the Google folder and say “Ok Google” + what you would like to know (Ex: Ok Google + when the Cristo Redentor was built). The system detects your speech and searches for the answer.

Although very practical, it may not work in places with a lot of noise. Google Voice is not meant to be a singer, but it can help you find more than one particular place you’re visiting.

The tip of Google Voice is that it identifies your last search and if you continue with the questions it understands that you are talking about that subject, although it does not repeat the name of the monument or attraction.

3. Google Translator

No doubt, the most famous. Brazil is the largest Google Translator user in the world and you have certainly used it. English is the most sought after language, but there are 103 languages ​​available. Begin by setting up Portuguese as your local language and the language of the country you will visit as an option to be translated.

Google gives you some translation options, the easiest and simplest way is the chat mode. Press the microphone signal and speak the Portuguese phrase you want to translate. Google responds in a few seconds, loud and clear. To continue the conversation, simply press the same button again.

Another option can be very useful when choosing the dish. Click the camera icon and point to the text you want to translate. Again in a few seconds the system understands the word a and translates.

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4. Google Maps

The Google map application goes way beyond what it looks like. With it, it is possible not only to move between two points (or more) as to know which are options of gastronomy, entertainment and services of a certain region. In some large cities like Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and New York, for example, the bus lines, trains and subways are already mapped.

To access the information you need to update your Google Maps – which can be done in the Apple Store or Play Store. Once done, select the region (Copacabana, Jardins, Manhattan, among others), then go to the Menu (upper left corner of the phone) and choose Explore. A new tab with options for breakfast, lunch, coffee, dinner and drinks will appear. Going down this tab other options will appear. This field only works with wifi or internet connected signal.

However if you do not plan to buy an international chip or activate your international roaming, download the map and use it even offline. On the cell phone or tablet go to the search field select the place. Then, at the bottom, tap the bar with the name of the place you searched for and then Donwload.

5. Google Street View

How about seeing on the screen of your smartphone or tablet as is the restaurant that you will dine or hotel that will spend the night? Or find out what it is like before you visit? Through Google Street View, an extension of Google Maps, you can already get a good preview of what you’ll find.

Access is easy. Just type the attraction you are looking for, select one or more images and see options. The images were 360º photographs and in some cases it is possible to take a walk inside the place.