5 Practical Tips for Assembling Your Suitcase

One of the things that worry most travelers on duty is when to pack everything, look at the luggage, and pack the suitcase. It always depends on the destination, the type of vacation you will be doing and the time you will spend, but the truth is that long or short, beach or mountain, riding a suitcase is a challenge.
So some tips when it comes to this task are always welcome. Look at the ones we’ve gathered for you.

1. The choice of suitcase

First, you need to choose the type of bag you need. It does not make much sense to bet on that giant trunk if you’re going to be jumping from town to town, using public transportation and carrying something heavy with you. But if you spend a period of a few months studying or working abroad, then yes, you can risk the trunk, which will stay neat in the corner of the room and will only be used on the day of return.
For the typical summer trip of 2 or 3 weeks, the traditional ones will not disappoint you – with wheels, enough space, practical and, very important, that allows clothes to be wrapped and not so much loved.

2. Versatile Clothing

Have you ever thought that two basic t-shirts and two jeans in the same style can give you four different clothing combinations? This is the trick – light, casual clothing that is “combinable” with each other will save you room in the suitcase (and no, you will not be able to carry your entire wardrobe). The same thinking goes for girls’ bikinis.

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3. Make lots of rolls

When we pack, we do not even realize how we waste space unnecessarily. For example, if your shoes are large and therefore should stay in the bottom of the suitcase, why not have the socks tucked inside them? Or, when that space between pieces remains, why not give that traditional fold in the shirts and then make a roll and put in these spaces? T-shirts and clothes that do not knead do not have to be stretched (leave it for the dresses or for a social outfit, if necessary) and they will save you a lot of space. In the case of backpackers, forget social clothing and bet on knitwear.

Detail – when you put on those jeans, leave the legs part out of the suitcase; place other pieces on top and only then fold the outside half in. So it gains space, organization and everything is conditioned.

4. Get Organized

If you know you will need to wear pajamas the first night and then change places, do not put your pajamas in the bottom of the suitcase. Otherwise, this painful process you’ve been through yet will be repeated throughout the trip. Knowing where the most important things are is a simple but often overlooked trick.

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5. Space outside the suitcase

It does not matter if it’s a handbag, a lady’s bag or a backpack – what matters is that you have to carry those things that are essential to any day of travel in a simple way. Sunglasses, camera, notepad, everything that will make the adventure truly unforgettable.
Sports lovers should also consider leaving their backs free, where it is possible to carry a surfboard or a skateboard, for example. That’s the tip.