8 Accessories Not To Forget When Packing For Your Vacation

Whoever thinks that packing the suitcase is an easy task can throw the first stone. For most people, the act is almost a seven-headed creature. And it really is!

In most cases, it takes a lot more than necessary, and sometimes, what is indispensable ends up staying at home, right? And the worst, we only notice this during the need.

If you’ve been rushing look for the outlet adapter in your bag and when you were see forgot, welcome to the club. Sometimes leaving that bulky shoe and carrying some objects that you are not so sure if you will use can end up ridding you of a beautiful headache.

Are you going camping, traveling or backpacking? Then take a look at what you can not miss in your luggage:


1. Small LED Flashlight:

Always carry a flashlight on your trip, be it small or slightly larger. Aside from taking up almost no space in your luggage, it can help you perform various tasks at night.

2. International Plug Adapter:

In other countries, the outlet pattern is different from the one we are used to using here in Bhutan. Therefore, it is best to have one in the suitcase if you do not want to run out of electrical appliances.

3. First Aid Kit:

This is one of the things people most often forget. Seek medical advice and ask for a list of the most indicated medicines. Analgesics and medicines for nausea are usually the most taken by cautious travelers.

4. Travel Pouch:

Whether camping or even in a hotel, a clothesline can save you on some occasions. It is a simple and practical solution to dry your clothes at night and use them in the morning.

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5. Bags for Dirty Clothes:

On any trip, we always come back with some piece of laundry. So the best bet is to have a bag especially for them. This prevents all your luggage from coming back smelling of dirty clothes.

6. Authenticated Copy of Documents:

Taking a copy of the main identification documents can and will make things easier in case of loss or theft of the originals. Therefore, preferably use the copies themselves, not the originals, when possible.

7. Battery and Extra Memory Card:

If you are passionate about photos, make sure you carry at least one memory card and a spare battery – just to make sure it will not be in your hand.

8. Padlock:

Purchase padlocks to put in your bags and keep them tightly closed during the trip, especially if you are flying. It can also be used to lock the closet in your hotel room.

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