How To Take Sports Equipment On A Plane?

Who is adapted to sports knows how important it is to have your equipment always right and especially in order, is not it?

But what do you do when you need to travel with the aircraft on a plane frequency?

Well, first, the basic rule for transportation is that the instrument counts as normal luggage and excess weight is charged separately.

However, of course, the recommendations do not stop there. Learn the details needed for a safe frequency and to avoid headaches at the airport. Ah! Do not forget that each type of sports equipment has a specific shipping policy.

Check below and have a good trip:

What are the rules for cycling and tandem?

Bikes or tandems (bicycles for two) can be carried in the hold of the aircraft, but you must notify the service desk in advance, as there is a limit of bicycles per flight. Regardless of the dimensions of the bike, it can not be transported in the cabin. Before boarding, be sure to remove the pedals, disassemble the front wheel and attach it to the frame, align the handlebar and pack the bicycle or tandem in a protective case or carton.

Can I include my scooter in my luggage?

No problem! Except that. for safety, the transport of the scooter is not accepted in the cab because it is considered a cutting object and therefore dangerous. Because of this, in the passage through X-ray, it is refused, seized and destroyed. Save your scooter, send it to the basement!

What about my climbing equipment?

Helmets, ropes, bags and all climbing equipment can be carried in the hold of the aircraft. If the material exceeds the allowed baggage allowance, an extra fee will be charged.

Are there restrictions on the embarkation of diving equipment?

There are no restrictions for scuba gear that includes a vest, a mask, shoes, duck feet, a knife and throttle. Dive cylinders are accepted in the hold but must be empty and weigh up to 23kg. This transportation is not included in the price of your ticket. However, in the case of transporting diving lanterns, the customer must obtain a special permit in advance of 48 hours, through the customer service, due to the transportation of the batteries.

I’m going on a holiday abroad and I want to fish, can I get on my equipment?

Yes! The equipment can be transported without problems in the basement, and the complete package must consist of up to two rods, a pair of boots, a box and a net, respecting the volume and weight limits established for its class on board.

My suitcase and golf bag far exceed the weight allowed, how can I get on with the two?

A golf equipment consisting of a bag with tights and shoes is considered standard baggage and can be shipped as the second volume included in your deductible. If it is necessary to carry other luggage or if the volumes exceed the established weight, it is possible to include in your online purchase an extra option for luggage or to pay a fee at the airport itself.

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Are there restrictions on boarding ski equipment?

Ski equipment is considered standard hold baggage and may be included in your luggage allowance. They are differentiated between alpine or cross-country ski types, with up to a pair of skis, a pair of sticks and a pair of boots or the snowboard type, with a board and a pair of boots. Before boarding you must protect your skis or board with a specific cover that has a maximum length of 3 meters. Alpine ski or snowboard boots can be put in an individual bag. The two luggage (cover and bag) are considered as a single hold baggage and transport is included free of charge on the ticket price. If you choose to carry a helmet in the cabin, it will be considered as a bag and not as an accessory.

Caution: Transportation of an avalanche lifejacket, including gas cartridge and pyrotechnic trigger is subject to prior consent of the customer service.

Are the rules the same for water skiing?

They are the same, but you must protect them with a specific cover that has a maximum length of 3 meters.

How does plank transport work?

Surfboards, kitesurfing, bodysurfing, windsurfing or longboard can be transported seamlessly in the basement. As in most cases, you must request authorization in advance of 48 hours in the customer service by the limit of units on board. If they are under 3 meters and the weight of their class of passage, it can be considered standard hold baggage and in this case can be dispatched as the second volume.