Incredibly Useful Safety Tips For Women Traveling

By taking some basic security precautions both prior to departure and while away, women travelers can greatly reduce the travel risks they might otherwise face. We searched the web for experts on travel safety for women and here is what we’ve come up with.

Safety tips from law enforcement

Jade, an Australian police detective, recommends the following for women traveling alone:

“My number one tip is when going out to remember to get the business card of where you are staying before you head out to show to the cab driver/tuk-tuk driver/donkey to get home again.

I make sure now that someone knows where I am and when they are next likely to hear from me again just in case something goes wrong in between. I take a mobile with me for emergencies when I’m on my own too.

It’s just about trying to maintain a balance between having a great time and keeping myself safe.”


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Expert safety suggestions for women

We found some great safety tips for women over at, such as:

  • Study a map before going out; once on the street, use a pocket-sized guidebook to avoid looking like a tourist. Your hotel’s concierge or a female employee can mark any dangerous areas on your map.
  • Avoid jewelry–even a chain that’s fake gold can be ripped off your neck. Do consider wearing a wedding ring.
  • Talk to female passengers and flight attendants on the plane about the safety of your destination.
  • In public restrooms, use the corner stall.
  • Stand near the elevator buttons with your back to the wall; if threatened, push all the buttons at once with your back.
  • Request one near the elevators and away from any renovation work. Have your key out when you leave the elevator.